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UAB Ando has started in the August 2009. As there where a long term knowladge in the purchasing, equipment finding and communication fields we continue the acticities in those ways.

We are representing number of Companys:

RANTELON - very intelegent Estonian company in the field of communications as well. With great success we are working in the field of repeaters - for GSM and UMTS networks. Very high quality, well designed, with excellent charakteristics (for example up to 70dB gain uplink and downlink in UMTS), easy install and maintenense. We have all rights to represent this company in the Europe and CIS.


SEH - we are the Ditributors for Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia of German company with some very special and usefull tools. There is excellent USB virtualization servers which alow you to connect almoast every USB item into the Ethernet network. Our region - Baltic States, Eastern Europe, CIS.


A perfect 2G/3G/4G repeaters manufacturer from Ireland. Easy to install, almost no additional tuning and maintenance, high reliability - did you need anything else? 


SRTechnology - South Korean company, manufactorer of big range of RF connectors, attenuators ant terminators. We have a very good feedback from our customers about 50 ohms terminators - up to 500W and up to 18 GHz.


We are open for any requests about products we are working with and we are open for the offers if you want to do something in Lithuania or Baltic countries. You are always welcome.


GSM, UMTS network equipment and accessories
Ethernet network devices
Telecommunications consulting

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