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SEH - ThinPrint Readers & Gateways

ThinPrint Readers and Gateways

TPR-10 and TPR-11 readers

SEH offers two authentication hardwares for different frequency ranges:

Secure printing now becomes confidential printing: with Cortado's Personal Printing and SEH's authentication hardware ThinPrint Reader TPR-10 and TPR-11!

When using more cost-effective shared printers rather than local printers, printing sensitive data becomes a significant risk. How often do you send a confidential document to a network printer and when reaching it, the printout is already gone? Or shortly after hitting the print button, you discover a typo in your document? With Cortado's pull printing solution Personal Printing you can print much more securely, save costs and remain fully flexible at the same time.

Thanks to the follow-me printing approach, it is possible to collect a printout when you want to, and at a network printer of your choice. Printing only occurs directly at the printer after authentication at the ThinPrint Reader, making sure that you are there to collect your printout. Delete unwanted or unnecessary print jobs before printing and save toner and paper.

ThinPrint Reader and Personal Printing can be seamlessly integrated into any IT environment and can be adapted to particular requirements. 

ThinPrint Gateways:  

Looking for a cost-efficient way to connect printers in your ThinPrint network? – Take a look at our ThinPrint Gateways!

All ThinPrint Gateways are especially developed for environments using ThinPrint technology for print job compression and bandwidth control

Welcome to the New Generation of ThinPrint Gateways!

Two network printers can be quickly and easily connected to the network via the TPG-25 with the latest integrated ThinPrint Client. The TPG-65 attaches six network printers and the TPG-125 attaches twelve printers. Users send compressed print jobs to the TPG which in turn decompresses and decrypts these print jobs and sends them to the respective printers.

The TPGs also support ThinPrint SSL for safe print data transmission and a host of other value-added ThinPrint features!

Select the model of your choice to find out more information: 

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