About Us

„ANDO“ Ltd. was established in mid-2009. We have extensive experience in supplying and searching for equipment and have determined the direction of our company. We are successfully communicating and cooperating with all mobile operators in Lithuania – both in the area of network and end user equipment.

The company provides repeater assembly for end user. The company also provides communications consultancy services – measurements of the desired operator signal strength and possible technical solutions to improve signals.

Supplier geography is expanding – we are currently working with companies from Sweden, Poland, Estonia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Germany, Great Britain, France and Ireland.

Our company represents the following world famous brands:


We are the official distributor of this company to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The company has a great deal of experience in the virtualization of USB devices, as well as interesting solutions for network printing. Do you have a non-network USB device you want to have on your Ethernet network? No problem – SEH USB servers do this simply and confidently.


We are distributors of equipment for this company. These are GSM / DCS / UMTS repeaters, weak signal amplifiers – really a variety of possible solutions to improve mobile communication.


It is an Estonian electronic equipment company. It employs a very strong team – designers, programmers, designers. A very quick response to the needs of the customer is one of the exceptional features of this company. We have been successfully working in GSM and UMTS signal repeaters and 2G / 3G / 4G / LTE antennas.



Korea based company that manufactures various components – 50 ohms (up to 18GHz), various connections, transitions, etc.