Live and manage Smart Home !!!

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A Smart Home is not as complicated as you can imagine. With the help of imagination and some investment, it is possible to really facilitate the maintenance and management of a house or apartment.


Securely connect all USB network and non-network equipment to the Ethernet network.


Network Equipment
USB device connection diagram via network

Problems to connect to the Ethernet non-network equipment or manage it via the network? It is easy with the myUTN family dongle or device servers or industrial solution equipment. You will be able not only connect necessary equipment to the Ethernet network but and manage it without any problems.


Improve mobile voice and data speeds at home or at work.


Mobile signal repeater operation scheme

Weak indoor signal? Problems with the communications? It could be solved easily with a signal repeater. All you need is to choose what you need – voice, data or both. We have number of products to solve your communications problems.

1 - Hiboost amplifier
2 - External antenna
3 - Internal antenna
4 - Low loss connecting cable
5 - Power supply


Dummy load

Looking for a dummy load to prevent any radio signals to be sent to the open air? We can offer you a number of dummy loads with a different power capacity, frequency range and connectors. Just let us know your need and will send you an offer.



Problems with a mobile network data exchange speed? It could be because of a too low signal for your indoor modem. A simple solution – external antenna. It will boost the signal strength for you modem and this will increase the data exchange speed for sure. The NELLI outdoor antenna could solve you problems.



Attenuators – the solution if you need to reduce radio frequency signal. It works both ways – for output and input signals. We can offer a variety of power capacity, frequency range and connectors combination to fulfill your needs in attenuation.


Variable attenuators

Working with equipment maintenance or tuning and you’re not sure what the signal level you need. We can offer you a solution – variable attenuators. Easy to use, saving time and finances, your truly friend in many situation. Just choose your needs and send us a request.