USB Networking Equipment


MyUTN USB Deviceserver (WLAN) for industry and office environments, all USB devices are easily and securely accessible as if connected directly to your computer.


With USB Dongleservers manufactured by SEH Computertechnik you can make your USB flash drives accessible over a network (USB over IP).


Industrial solutions integrate almost all non-USB devices and serial devices into a variety of industrial environments.

USB virtual servers designed to connect non-network USB devices to the network.

USB Deviceservers, manufactured by SEH Computertechnik, allows you to integrate virtually every USB device into the most common and used networks. It is very easy and fast to install a USB over IP extension. All your USB devices are easily and securely accessed as if they were connected directly to your computer (secured by point-to-point connection).

All USB Deviceservers are plug & play solutions once installed on the network, you manage connected USB devices using related software SEH UTN management. USB Deviceservers is the ideal solution for industry and office environments. They are also ideal for servers and virtualized environments.

Features and Benefits:

- All standard network types are supported: Ethernet / Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, WLAN;
- For Windows, OS X / MacOS and Linux;
- Great compatibility with USB devices;
- Easy, understandable and user-friendly configuration, administration and maintenance via web browser;
- Comprehensive security package: encryption, password protection, device access control, certificate management, authentication and much more!
- Cost saving: Consumers can share USB devices consistently;
- Global support and regular updates for free and up to 5 years warranty free.

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