5 Band Mobile Signal Booster Hi17-5S


Hi17-5S repeater key features:
• Amplification (dB) UL65/DL65
• Power (dBm) UL17/DL17
• Supports LTE800, EGSM900, DCS1800, WCDMA2100 and LTE2600
• Real-time LCD display
• Manual and automatic gain control functions
• Built-in indoor antenna
• Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules
• Setup and monitoring via a mobile app
• Self-oscillation protection
• Quality built, strong and durable construction
• Conforms to ETSI&3GPP standards

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Standard Kit Includes:
• 5 band mobile signal booster with built-in indoor antenna
• Outdoor wide band directional antenna
• 50 ft (15.2m) low-loss HiBoost200 cable
• 12V/3A, AC/DC power supply

Price 1699 € (1404,13 € excl. VAT)
Shipping price is not included. Up to 20 € to Latvia and Estonia by DPD courier.

If you need a stronger signal inside it is possible to connect another antenna, which will be situated near the repeater. Must be ordered separately.