StellaHome-GD GSM 4G repeater SD-RP1002-GD


-Provides GSM + 4G(1800Mhz*) signal for your home
-Frequency: 900Mhz + 1800Mhz
-Legal and fully EU compliant
-Boosts all mobile operators
-Everything included for complete installation
-Coverage: ~4 rooms
-No Sim card required, no extra bills

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The StellaHome-GD ( GSM + 4G) repeater:

This 4G dualband repeater is suitable for those who want GSM voice and fast 4G data in their house.

GSM is the best network for voice calls and 4G is the fastest mobile data speed you can get.

– The antenna on your roof receives mobile signal at 900Mhz and 1800Mhz.
– This signal is sent via coaxial cable to your StellaHome-GD GSM+4G repeater  in your house.
– Most networks now transmit 4G at 1800Mhz.
– The repeater then amplifies the signal.
– The internal antenna sends this amplified signal around your house.
– Your mobile devices then communicate with this signal.

Please check that your mobile operator offers 4G at 1800Mhz in your town.


StellaHome-GD GSM 4G repeater SD-RP1002-GD