StellaHome-LG GSM + 4G repeater SD-RP1002-LG


– Provides GSM and 4G signal in your home
– Frequency: 800Mhz + 900Mhz
– Legal and fully EU compliant
– Boosts all mobile operators
– Everything included for complete installation
– Coverage: ~4 rooms
– No Sim card required, no extra bills

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The Stellahome-LG GSM + 4G repeater

This dualband repeater is your best choice if you are looking for both great voice call quality (GSM) and also great 4G data speeds.

  • The antenna on your roof receives the GSM and 4G mobile signal.
  • The signal is sent via coaxial cable to your StellaHome-LG  repeater where it gets amplified.
  • The inside antenna attached to the repeater sends this amplified signal around your house.
  • Your mobile devices then communicate with this signal.

The great thing about the Stellahome-LG GSM +4G repeater is that it covers you for both quality phone calls (at 900Mhz) and super  fast 4G data (at 800Mhz)

Note: Your network operator must be transmitting 4G at 800Mhz in your area for this repeater to boost 4G.


StellaHome-LG GSM + 4G repeater SD-RP1002-LG