StellaOffice-G kartotuvas SD-RP1002-G-4P


– Frequency: 900Mhz (GSM+3G*).
– Legal and fully EU compliant
– Boosts all mobile operators
– Coverage: ~4 rooms
– No Sim card required

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How it Works

The Stellahome-G GSM repeater is ideal for providing GSM signal coverage in your home.

As long as there is mobile signal outside your house, then this repeater  will amplify it and send the signal about inside your house.

For the repeater to work you must have at least 2 bars of mobile signal outside your house on your phone.

This GSM repeater is is quite powerful and will provide coverage for up to 4 rooms in your house.

The Stellahome-G amplifies frequency at 900Mhz. All network operators transmit GSM at this frequency and GSM gives you great voice calls.

Therefore, this booster is a really effective repeater  for voice.

*Many mobile operators now transmit 3G at 900Mhz and if your operator does this, then you will also get 3G data with this booster.


StellaOffice-G kartotuvas SD-RP1002-G-4P