StellaOffice-LG GSM+4G repeater SD-RP1002-LG-4P


– Provides GSM and 4G signal for your home
– Coverage 4000m(~15 rooms)
– Frequency 800Mhz + 900Mhz
– Compatible with all European mobile operators.
– Unlimited number of calls / data sessions at the same time.
– Ce certified
– Signal power and diagnostics indicator.
– Complete operator network protection.

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StellaOffice-LG repeater amplifies 4G and GSM voice into your office

The StellaOffice-LG repeater  is specifically designed for larges offices. It has 4 output ports that allow you to attach up to 4 internal antennas.

Each of these antennas provide mobile coverage for about 3/4 rooms. That’s a total of about 15 office rooms!

Boosting ALL networks

The StellaOffice-LG repeater kit amplifies 4G (at 800Mhz) and GSM (at 900Mhz). These 2 frequencies are at the lower end of the mobile spectrum and are very suitable for propagating around the inside of a building.

With this system installed, you can expect excellent voice call quality and high 4G data speeds.

This booster is VERY effective and provides our customers with the coverage they require.

  • GSM : excellent for voice calls
  • 4G: excellent for high speed data

The kit comes complete with the outdoor antenna, 4 indoor antennas, the 800/900 office booster,  all the required cables and a power supply.

NOTE: For 4G coverage, please ensure that your mobile operators transmit 4G at 800Mhz

This system is ideal for large scale commercial use eg. hotels, hospitals, office buildings with many levels, underground basements, restaurants,  airport, large shopping centres etc.


StellaOffice-LG GSM+4G repeater SD-RP1002-LG-4P