StellaOffice-LGDWH 5 diapazonų kartotuvas SD-RP1001LGDWH-4P


– Provides GSM+3G+4G  signal for large buildings.
– Frequency: 800+900+1800+2100+2600Mhz.
– Coverage:  4000M2(up to 15 rooms)
– Cover all mobile frequencies.
– Compatible with all European mobile operators.
– Unlimited number of calls / data sessions at the same time.
– Ce certified
– Signal power and diagnostics indicator.
– Complete operator network protection.

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How it works:

This  5 band repeater insures you cover all available networks: GSM, 3G and 4G. Used for large buildings where the indoor coverage is weak or non existent. The Stellaoffice 5 band repeater is very useful for offices where people will on different operators, and will be using voice, email and 3G/4G internet at the same time. All options are covered so  you don’t need to think about which frequency to use.

The frequencies.

  • 800/1800/2600Mhz: These three frequencies are used for 4G to give the the most bandwidth available.
  • 900Mhz: Great for voice calls. And for all phones, including older model phones.
  • 2100Mhz: great for voice calls, and fast 3G data.


This repeater has 4 indoor antennas. Each antenna will amplify 1000Mt2 (~3 rooms), so in total, this kit provides up to 15 rooms coverage.


StellaOffice-LGDWH 5 diapazonų kartotuvas