50W Dummy load DC-3G DIN-Male

  • Product No.: APK-50W-3G-DM
  • Spec.: 50W, 50 ohm, 3GHz, DIN Male connector
  • Features: power termination, resistance


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Electrical Specifications
Frequency Range DC-3GHz
Impedance(Ω) 50
Power Capacity 50 Watt
VSWR ≤1.2:1
General Specifications
RF Connector Interface DIN Male
Color Nickel Plated
Heatsink Aluminum Heatsink
Application Indoor & Outdoor
Environmental Specifications
IP Grade IP65
Operating Temperature() -55~ +80


  1. Mobile Communication Network Optimization and Indoor distribution system.
  2. Cluster Communication, Satellite Communication, Shortwave Communication and Hopping Radio.
  3. Radar, Electronic navigation and Electronic confrontation.
  4. Aerospace Equipment systems.