50W Dummy load DC-3G N-Male or N-Female

  • Product No.: APK-50W-3G-NM or APK-50W-3G-NF
  • Spec.: 50W, 50 ohm, 3GHz, N Male or N Female connectors
  • Features: power termination, resistance


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Electrical Specifications
Frequency Range (MHz) DC-3GHz
Impedance (Ω) 50
Power Capacity 50 Watt
VSWR ≤1.2:1
General Specifications
RF Connector Interface N Male or N Female
Color Nickel Plated
Heatsink Aluminum Heatsink
Application Indoor & Outdoor
Environmental Specifications
IP Grade IP65
Operating Temperature () -55~ +80
Packed Dimensions
Shipping Weight 332g
Dimensions 7x7x11CM


  1. Mobile Communication Network Optimization and Indoor distribution system.
  2. Cluster Communication, Satellite Communication, Shortwave Communication and Hopping Radio.
  3. Radar, Electronic navigation and Electronic confrontation.
  4. Aerospace Equipment systems.