Dongleserver Pro ir Dongleserver ProMAX USB Dongleserver Flash Drive is Available Over Network


With USB Dongleservers, made by SEH Computertechnik, you can make your USB flash drives accessible over a network (USB over IP). With a USB stick in a safe place, users can access them flexibly and conveniently, regardless of the user’s location.

DongleServer Pro (M05210 – EU)

A handy version for small and medium applications.

– 8 × USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Connectors
– Fast Ethernetmy

DongleServer Pro MAX (M05810 – EU)

Business Solution with High Availability and Backup.

– 20 × USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Connectors
– 2 × Gigabit Ethernet
– 2 × Power Supplies
– Option to Configure Copy to SD Card
– Display and Audio Alarm

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DongleServer Pro (M05210 – EU) –  829 € (Euros VAT excluding, delivery including)
DongleServer Pro MAX (M05810 – EU) –  1920 € (Euros VAT excluding, delivery including)

Use USB devices on your network!

With USB Dongleservers by SEH Computertechnik you can make your USB dongles available via the network (USB over IP). While the USB dongles are kept in a safe place, users can access them flexibly and comfortably independent of location.

USB connection is secure, reliable and point-to-point. This means that the operating principle of USB flash drives is never altered, reversed or eliminated.

All USB Deviceservers are plug & play solutions: once installed on the network, you will manage the connected USB devices using the related software SEH UTN management. Benefits of additional features such as comprehensive security, access rights management, communication automation and WLAN!


USB Deviceservers is an ideal solution for:
– Data centers and other service providers;
– Large companies and institutions;
– Remote access (from outside);
– Virtualized and server environment;
– Secure environment.

Features and benefits

– For Windows, OS X / MacOS and Linux;
– Great compatibility with USB flash drives;
– Easy, easy-to-understand and convenient configuration, administration and maintenance via web browser;
– Global support and regular updates for free;
– Comprehensive security package: encryption, password protection , Device Access Control, Certificate Management, Authentication, and much more!
– Cost-effective: Consumers can share USB stick consistently;
– Protection against wear, theft and loss.

DongleServer Pro (M05210 – EU)

– The handy version for small and medium-sized application.
– 4 x USB 3.0 Super Speed + 4 × USB 2.0 Hi-Speed ports
– Fast Ethernet
– SHE UTN Manager
– Added value – guaranty extension
– Additional Rack Mount Kit RMK4

DongleServer Pro MAX (M05810 – EU)

– The business solution with high availability and redundancy.
– 5 x USB 3.0 Super Speed + 15 × USB 2.0 Hi-Speed ports
– 2 × Gigabit Ethernet
– 2 × power supply
– Configuration backup to SD card
– Display and beeper
– Added value – guaranty extension
– Additional Rack Mount Kit RMK3


– Serviceplus;
– Warranty extension and replacement of equipment.

Installation options

Possibility to install USB Dongleserver 19 in server cabinets or shelves for environmental protection and easy access.

In addition to this device we can offer a 19″ mounting shelf

 Papildomai šiam įrenginiui galime pasiūlyti ir 19" montavimo lentyną:


RMK1 (Rack mount kit for myUTN-80) 136 €

RMK3 (Rack mount kit for myUTN-800)153 €


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DongleServer Pro, DongleServer Pro MAX