myUTN USB Deviceserver (WLAN) industry and office environment


All your USB devices are easily and securely accessed as if they were connected directly to your computer (protected point-to-point connection) .

myUTN-50a USB-Deviceserver

Non-cost model for start-up

– 2 × USB 2.0 Hi-Speed connectors;
– Gigabit Ethernet.

myUTN-55 USB Deviceserver (WLAN)

Wireless Networking.

– 2 × USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Connectors;
– WLAN 802.11 b/g/n;
– Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) .

myUTN-2500 USB-Deviceserver

Secured Performance and safety for professional users.

– 3 × USB 3.0 SuperSpeed connectors,
– High speed data transfer:
* 1 connected USB device: up to 100 MB / s;
* 3 connected USB devices: 30 MB / s via connector; used as a charging connector (eg for mobile devices),
– Gigabit Ethernet.

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The Business Solution for USB Independance

The myUTN Deviceserver integrates almost every USB device into all common network types — the fast and easy way. The myUTN USB Deviceserver is a „plug&play“ solution: Once the device is embedded into the network, you can manage the connected USB devices transparently via the associated software SEH UTN Manager — just as if the USB devices were locally attached to the PC (point-to-point connection).

Use a great variety of USB devices with control and flexibility via the network, such as external hard disks, flash drives, scanners, gauges, medical equipment, RDX removable disks, multi-function peripherals, cameras, telephone systems and many more.

myUTN-50a USB-Deviceserver  –  228 €
myUTN-55 USB Deviceserver (WLAN)  –  228 €
myUTN-2500 USB-Deviceserver  –  320 €

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myUTN-50a USB-Deviceserver, myUTN-55 USB Deviceserver (WLAN), myUTN-2500 USB-Deviceserver