• SEH USB network devices.

    USB Device Servers and Dongle Servers: secure, quick, easy

    The USB device servers by SEH Computertechnik integrate almost any USB device securely, quickly and easily into all common network types in your company. It doesn't matter whether it is a memory stick, scanner, telephone system or multifunction device: With our device servers, you can easily integrate the required USB devices into your LAN or WLAN and make them available to your employees throughout the network. Make your business smarter and become independent of local USB ports!

    Dongle servers by SEH connect USB dongles securely, quickly and easily over the network. Use your copy-protected software as usual without having to plug the dongle directly into your client. This way you can work flexibly and without any spatial limitations or restrictions due to USB cable lengths!

    3 years standard warranty.

  • Mobile boosters/repeaters

    Mobile repeaters to boost mobile signals in the areas and places you need: homes, rooms, underground parkings and so on.


    Everything you need to store solar power energy.

  • Wiesemann und Theis

    As a manufacturer of microcomputers we have for 40 years been linking industry, office and IT with reliable network and sensor technology as well as interface converters.

  • 2G/3G/4G antennas
  • Consumer electronics